Demo tickets and help topics are being updated for the new osTicket 1.9 Stable. Currently the help topics described in this document may not work as expected.

A demo ticket is availbale at this link

This is a "login-by-ticket-number" kind of link, sent to the ticket author in "new ticket" autoresponse. In osTicket 1.9 this login method allows the user to view one ticket thread only. You can also create new tickets and after successful ticket submission you will see your recent ticket thread. This demo ticket was created using the developer's test email address, so you will not receive access link to your new ticket and will not be able to view its progress once logged out.

Another demo account actually has no tickets but you can use it to test ticket forms without providing your personal email. This is a Joomla account login link and it is not limited to single-ticket view.

A sticky demo ticket can be found here

Once logged in, you can select items in "osTicky 2.0" menu - "View Tickets" to view all tickets created by the demo user or "Create Ticket" to raise a new ticket. Please note, that when acting as a demo user you will do not recieve notifications and alerts on new tickets / messages / responses. If you like to see how these features work, you will have to create a ticket using your personal email.

There are topics created in osTicket that use custom forms. Check "osTicky 2.0 / Bug Report" or "osTicky 2.0 /Feature Request" topics to see these forms in action (no need to actualy send the ticket, you should see the effect right away when you change the topic selection from the list).