Layout Presets

Default "Auto" layout preset. This is a responsive layout optimized for all screens and template positions. (Using an animation profile available for purchase)

Vertical module layout, displays digits from top to bottom even if there is enough horizontal space on screen.


Custom labels position: labels are displayed before digits.


A free animation profile available for download.

Another animation, more animation profiles are available.

Christmas-flavor animation demonstrating the flexibility and power of animation profiles.

Please, open a ticket if you would like to install it on your site.

Miscellaneous Samples

Non-responsive layout: counter time units will wrap to the next line if template position is not wide enough.

Custom counter time units: interval from JAN 1 2015 00:00 is expressed in months, weeks and minutes. Custom labels vertical alignment: default middle is changed to 1/4 from top. Custom color: green. Custom labels font style: italic.