DigiShop is a component for Joomla 3 sites which offer free and paid file downloads. The component is quite straightforward and easy to setup and use.

Originally it was created for internal use - it is running on this site, serving downloads, e.g. Smart Countdown 3 animation profiles.

DigiShop is not a ECommerce application. If you need a powerful online store on your site DigiShop is not for you. The advantage of DigiShop is that you can start selling files in minutes, no need for complex shop setup and configuration and no learning at all.

The articles in this category will help you to deploy DigiShop on your site. 

Administration (backend)

DigiShop items are associated with Joomla articles. After the component is installed and configured, and its related plugins are enabled, a new pane will appear in articles edit view: "DigiShop". Just choose "Yes" in "DigiShop Item" control, select a file, set price and currency, insert {digishop} somewhere in the article text and save. That's it!

There is no need to edit existing articles which should not be linked to DigiShop files. By default all Joomla articles are treated as "non-digishop items" so their appearance will not change after you install DigiShop application.

Site (frontend)

When the article is viewed in your site frontend {digishop} placeholder will be automatically replaced by a download link: "Free download" for items with price zero and "PayPal button" for paid items. When a user clicks a "Free download" link he will get to download confirmation screen right away with the link to requested file ready. For paid downloads users are first redirected to PayPal and if they do not cancel and the payment is successfull they return to download confirmation and will be able to download the purchased file.


DigiShop application is distributed as a package and the easiest way to deploy it is to install the package via Joomla Extensions manager. The package consists of a component and two plugins. Do not forget to enable plugins after installation! Go to Joomla Plugins manager and type "digishop" in search field to make it easier to find the related items and enable both content and system plugins.

Prepare Downloads Folder

Files must be previousely uploaded to your server in order to become available as DigiShop downloads. You can create subfolders and add more files at any time but for initial component configuration you should create and configure "downloads" parent folder. Use your favourite FTP client or your site control panel to create this folder, it can be located anywhere in your server space, the folder name is also up to you ("downloads" was used as an example). Make sure that this folder cannot be accessed directly - the easiest solution is to password-protect it (see your site control panel "password-protected directories"). Do not skip this step, otherwise your paid file would be simply available by direct links in browser.

If you can create folders outside your "public_html" web space, for example in its parent folder (where logs, private_html and other folders are located), do it. This is the most secure option because the contents of such a folder will not be visible in a browser.

DigiShop component administration includes simple tools for tracking downloads and purchases. These tools are mostly informative, you cannot edit download records. The only action available is to delete a download record, it was designed mostly to simplify project development and testing - you can easily remove test downloads in order to keep your downloads log, reports and statictics clean.

Downloads View

Downloads view displays full list of DigiShop downloads. All free downloads and purchases your clients order on your site are listed here. You can use filters to search for a specific download or select download records by user, date range, etc. When a download is requested a unique download key is created, your site users can use this key to recover purchased file at a later time. If they encounter issues they will probably contact you providing this key. You can easily find a download record by key prepending search term by "key:" prefix. "key:" prefix will also find a download by PayPal transaction ID.

Q. Is a trial version of DigiShop available?
A. A lite version is available for free. This version doesn't include PayPal payment gateway, so that all DigiShop items created with lite version should be "free downloads". However it is recommended to install this free lite version before purchasing the full one, upgrade to full version is very easy (just install it without uninstalling lite version) and will not erase existing component settings. Free version allows you to test the component setup, downloads and reports views in component backend and also try K2 plugin if you are using K2 on your site.

Q. I have installed DigiShop package and enabled both system and content DigiShop plugins, but when I open a Joomla article in edit mode, “DigiShop” pane is not displayed in the article edit form.
A. Open options in DigiShop component view in Joomla administration and check “Download folder” setting. If this setting is empty or points to invalid path (non-existing or not a folder), DigiShop plugin responsible for injecting “DigiShop” pane into article edit view is implicitly disabled. Please, read “Prepare download folder” section in Installation and Configuration article and follow the steps described there.

Q. I have configured a Joomla article as a DigiShop item. DigiShop pane shows correct and valid settings, but download link doesn’t appear when I view the article in frontend.
A. Please, make sure you haven’t forgot to insert {digishop} placeholder (shortcut) somewhere in article text - it will be replaced by download / purchase link when the article is rendered in frontend.

DigiShop application allows users to download requested files more than once (downloads count and expiration date limits may apply). The easiest way to recover a download is clicking on download link in confirmation email. However if a user haven't received this email or has deleted it she can still get the file providing download key.

A special view was created for this purpose. You can test it right now:

  1. request a free download here (click "Free Download")
  2. take note (copy to clipboard) of the download key
  3. open this page
  4. paste download key and click "Submit"

You will be redirected to download confirmation page with a link to save the file.

DigiShop K2 plugin allows you to setup K2 items as DigiShop items, the same way core DigiShop application supports Joomla articles. When K2 plugin for DigiShop is installed and enabled a new set of options is displayed on K2 item edit form.

Full version of DigiShop includes PayPal payment gateway. You can download a free lite version of DigiShop here. It has the same features as the full version but doesn't implement PayPal payments, that is why only free downloads can be served. However you will get familiar with DigiShop options and get idea of administration and frontend application flow.

If you already have DigiShop Lite installed and wish to upgrade to full version, purchase it here and install it without uninstalling lite version, it will not overwrite current component settings. Naturally, you will have to add configuration for your PayPal seller account (lite version doesn't support payments and account settings are hidden in component configuration).


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure

DigiShop Lite has the same features as the full version but doesn't implement PayPal payments, that is why only free downloads can be served. However you will get familiar with DigiShop options and get idea of administration and frontend application flow.

Free Download

DigiShop plugin for K2 adds support of K2 items in DigiShop. It will work with both full and lite versions of DigiShop. Please, note that if you are using DigiShop Lite and try to setup up a paid download in K2 item, you will get a fatal server error in frontend when K2 item is viewed. Refer to this page for details.

Free Download