JEvents import plugin adds support of the popular open source event management component for Joomla - JEvents - in Smart Countdown 3.0 or later.

This plugin requres that you have at least one instance of "Latest Events" module published (it may still be invisible, e.g. published to "none" position). Then you will have to configure this module (refer to JEvents documentation) to show events from a category of your choise. When this module instance is selected in JEvents import plugin configuration, Smart Countdown module will automatically show countdown/count up to/from the current/next event, according to "Show Module" setting.

Sample 1: Recurring events from all JEvents categories

JEvents Bridge for Smart Countdown 3.0 is not compatible with Smart Countdown 2.5. See this page if you are still using old module version.

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Enabled: if set to "No", plugin will have no effect. It will appear as enabled in Joomla Plugins manager, but Smart Countdown 3 will not look up for JEvents events.

Module: you can have more than one instance of JEvents Latest Events module published. Here you can choose which instance to link to Smart Countdown 3. You can create several Smart Countdown 3 module copies, each one with its own settings, including the link to a specific Latest Events instance.

Show Event Titles: import JEvents event title and show it along with Smart Countdown 3 event description. You can use "%imported%" (without quotes) placeholder anywhere in event text(s) to insert imported title. If "%imported%" is not found in event description(s) but "Show Event Titles" is active, imported JEvents title will be appended to "Text Before Counter".

Link Event: Event title can act as a link to event details view in native JEvents component.

Redirect on Countdown Zeroevent details view in native JEvents component will be opened automatically when event time arrives.

Sample 2: Recurring events from "Alternative "JEvents category only

The samples above are connected to two daily recurring events:

The first sample shows a countdown to both events when viewed between 20:00 and 19:00 next day thus illustrating overlapping events support. When viewed between 19:00 and 20:00 is will show count up from both events' start. And finally, between 20:00 and 21:00 the module will go on counting up, but only "Demo Event 2 (Alternative category) will appear in event title, naturally, because "Demo Event 1" will be over at this time.

The module in the second sample illustrates another feature: "countdown to end". When viewed before event it shows the same values as sample 1, its behavior changes while the event is in progress - it will still show a countdown but to event end.