osTicky 2.2 introduces a new plugin - osTicket user profile plugin. This plugin adds osTicket user data fields to "edit profile" and (optionally) to frontend "registration" forms and logged in Joomla users can change their personal data. osTicket standard configuration include "phone number" field, but if osTicket administrator adds more fields to user data form, they will also appear in Joomla profile.

When a logged in user opens a new ticket form, his current name and email are precompiled and displayed as readonly. Other user data is hidden and the only way to change it is to edit user profile. If the plugin is enabled osTicket user fields will always appear on "edit profile" form. If you need to show/hide these fields on/from new user "registration" form, adjust the plugin's option.

If a guest creates a ticket in osTicky, all user data fields will be displayed on the new ticket form, name and email always required. Other fields "required" property and validation rules are taken from osTicket user data form configuration. After the user sends the ticket his data will be saved to osTicket user data and will appear in his Joomla profile once the user is logged in with his email (e.g. following the ticket link in notification email)