System plugin

The system plugin is the "soul" of osTicky. It unleashes the power of this extension adding "sticky-note" type of tickets and makes osTicky different from osTicket. Plugin script is acivated when the user clicks (holding ALT, SHIFT or both - as configured in plugin options) on the element he or she would like to associate with the ticket. New ticket form popup window will open.

This plugin is responsable for:

  • At the moment of new ticket creation it gathers the information about the page, element, associated with the ticket and its location on the page. This information is automatically appended to the new ticket's message text. This information helps support staff to get hands on the issue providing a reliable "fingerprint" of the HTML element in question.
  • Shows a ticket and a short summary of ticket activity as a sticky note if the ticket's author or a staff member follow the link to view his ticket "in-place".

The plugin has to be configured before the first use. The settings are:

  • Authorized user groups. If current user belongs to a group that is not in the list of authorized groups, the plugin will have no effect and he will not be able to create a "sticky" ticket. 
  • Key combination to hold while clicking the mouse to open a new ticket form.
  • Key combination to toggle visibility of a "sticky-note" when viewed on the page where it was created

Search plugin

The search plugin adds the texts of tickets subject, messages and staff responses to Joomla site-wide search. In case of osTicky only the tickets created by the user currently logged in.