Login process is very important for every website that has content or functions that should not be availiable to unregistered users. As a general rule passwords should never be exposed in clear form in emails, instant messages or as a part of a web link.

But there are cases when this rule may be relaxed. First of all, depending on the security policy of your website, users that login may be assigned to different user groups with different priviledges. This is evidently not the same if a logged in user may view your company's confidential information or create/edit content of your web, or if the only thing he is authorized to do is to leave a comment on your site or to view his support ticket progress online. Another scenario: you have prepared a summary information page for your client and would like to email him a link to that page. With login assistant your client does not need to remember his username and password, even more - after login he will be redirected to the target page automatically! 

The login assistant may be implemented as a separate component, as a special controller in your component's MVC structure or as a special task in an existing controller (last 2 options require some additional logic to generate compatible links).

The solution presented here is a standalone component and includes a backend utility that generates the links compatible with Login Assistant, thus being the easiest way for a site administrator to implement login assistance functionality.

Fake Random Count is a module that shows a fictitious but yet highly credible integer counter on Joomla 3 sites. The module configuration supports pseudo-random patterns of up to 32 elements, each element holding the delay (in seconds.miliseconds) before next increment and the increment value (delta). Increment value can also be negative for decrementing sequences simulation or you can combine positive and negative deltas in the same pattern (oscillating counter). Each module instance can be configurerd individually even if dispayed on the same page.

The counter values are always consistent, doesn't matter when you open the page or resume your computer / handheld from suspend state - the counter will show same values on all computers, as if they were requested from server.


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