Smart Subscriptions is a Joomla 3 component for subscriptions and membership management. It is integrated into Joomla registration and user profile and automatically adds users to user groups depending on the subscriptions they choose on registration or when they edit their Joomla profiles.

Both free and paid subscriptions are supported. Subscriptions can be life-time or have expiration dates. A number of global component settings that can be overrided on per-account basis define subscription upgrade and renewal rules and discounts.

Component administrator can configure subscription accounts and review, edit or delete supbscriptions and payments. Smart Subscriptions component implements online payment via payment plugins so new payment methods can be added.

Currently Smart Subscriptions is running in test mode on this site. A "free" test subscription was automatically assigned to all registered users on this site. If you have an account just log in, open your profile and change your subscription. If you don't have an account yet, you will be able to choose a subscription during registration.

All payment plugins on this site are setup in "sandbox" mode. No real payments will be done. All payment methods except "bank transfer" will activate the purchased subscription immediately. "Bank transfer" only creates a new record in payments database - site administrator (me) will activate your new subscription manually. You will receive email notifications on each change of your subscription's status.

Smart Subscriptions component supports English and Russian languages right out of the box. More languages can be easily added following standard Joomla translation pattern. Russian documentation is coming soon.

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