Fake Random Count is a module that shows a fictitious but yet highly credible integer counter on Joomla 3 sites. The module configuration supports pseudo-random patterns of up to 32 elements, each element holding the delay (in seconds.miliseconds) before next increment and the increment value (delta). Increment value can also be negative for decrementing sequences simulation or you can combine positive and negative deltas in the same pattern (oscillating counter). Each module instance can be configurerd individually even if dispayed on the same page.

The counter values are always consistent, doesn't matter when you open the page or resume your computer / handheld from suspend state - the counter will show same values on all computers, as if they were requested from server.


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Smart Countdown was downloaded times*

*Fictitious counter

Module configuration is quite straightforward:

1. Module

random count 1.3 module

2. Counter options

random count 1.3 counter

*Screenshot shows increasing pattern edit popover open.

3. Format and styles

"Inherit" options will use corresponding style of surrounding elements. May be useful if the counter is embedded in text.

Another sample

In year NNN, company YYY has generated


in pipeline for clients

*Fictitious value

Decrementing counter sample

Check our current price

*fictitious value

Oscillating counter sample

Current open connections:

Counter pattern used in this sample has total sum equal to zero. Can be used to simulate values oscillating around some average.

New in version 1.5

Custom styles for thousands digit groups

Documentation coming soon...

Fake decimal part of the counter value

Documentation coming soon...