Site administrator can manage subscriptions and payments using the corresponding Smart Subscriptions view in Joomla administration interface. All current and archived subscriptions are listed and can be flitered by various parameters using "Search tools". Depending on the permissions the administration user has he may also be able to change subscriptions status (paid / pending), edit or delete them.

Status change action is important for "offline" payments management. If a user signs up for a paid subscription using an "offline" payment method (like the one included in Smart Subscriptions distribution package), his payment will appear as "pending" in subscriptions and payments view. The new subscription will be activated only after component administrator changes its status to "paid". It can be done from the list view (for one or more payments) or saving a payment edit form. For security only offline payments statuses can be changed in list view.

Payment edit form gives you an access to other payment and subscription properties: you can modify expiration date, change payment amount or even change subscription account. Although this will never be a popular scenario but it may help in customer support and dispute resolutions.

An active subscription should always have "paid" status. If its status is other than "paid" or if a subscription has expired, logged in user will not have access to the content allowed by the view level associated with an inactive subscription. The effective user's view level will then depend on other active ("paid" and not expired) subscriptions he owns. If no such subscription is found, the user subscription will be automatically reset to a free account. If no free account exists user login will be denied.

"Archived" subscriptions are listed for statistics purposes only, they have no effect on how users' site access permissions are calculated.

"Pending" payments are normally new subscriptions that were purchased using an offline payment method. Site administrator will get email notifications on each pending payment and shouldn't  forget to manually mark a pending payment as "paid" when he actually receives the payment from the user.

Understanding payments list

Payments list view is very similar to a standard Joomla content administration view but due to specifics of the component some fields may need aclaration.

payments list detail

The date column shows subscription creation date, it will not change when administrator changes payment state or modifies a record.

Status column shows current record status and can have one of the following values:

Account column shows the account title the subscription is associated with. If a payment is a subscription upgrade, old account is also displayed

Expires column shows effective calculated subscription expiration date. Any subscription including "paid" will not be valid after the date shown. At the component logic level having an expired subscription means the same as not having subscription at all.

Price column shows amount paid by the user. If discounts apply this value may differ from full subscription price and discount amount will be displayed as a second line, e.g. (-0.20)

Currency column is quite self-explaning.

Type column is a composite one and shows transaction-related data in 3 lines:

Manually assign a subscription

Site administrator cannot create subscriptions using subscription and payments view. For new users created by administrator subscriptions selection will appear on the form in Joomla User manager. For administrators there is a special option added - "Not a Smart Subscriptions Account", which can be used for creating site editors, publishers and / or other administrators. Users created with this option will not see or be able to sign up for a subscription in frontend.

For users with subscriptions assigned User manager form will only show current subscription state and a special "Cancel Subscription" button. When a user is saved in "cancel subscription" mode he will be taken out of Smart Subscripions scope as if he were created with "Not a Smart Subscriptions Account" option. Administrator can later assign a subscription to such a user.