This project is discontinued, there are no plans to support current version of osTicket (1.10+)

Only install it if you are using osTicket 1.9.x (1.9.15 at the time of this writing) and do not plan to upgrade to osTicket 1.10.

osTicky version 2.2 is based on the previous stable version (2.0) but was significantly rewritten in order to provide support for the latest osTicket version 1.9.4. Main changes in the new version are:

  • Basic support of osTicket 1.9.4 - 1.9.12, including user-defined forms, fields and lists
  • Rich-text (HTML) thread messages and emails support
  • Multiple file attachments per message/ticket (according to osTicket admin settings)
  • Improved form interface - custom field placeholders, hints, selection prompts, etc., reading configuration from osTicket forms settings
  • Custom fields values can be referenced in email templates when sending alerts and auto-responses
Some features were removed in version 2.0:
  • No more compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and osTicket 1.6 - 1.9.3
  • "Send tickets by email" option was removed. All tickets created using osTicky web form are written directly to osTicket database, the same way as it is done in original osTicket
There are some important limitations in osTicky. Please note:
  • If you plan to use osTicket 1.9 plugins and/or modify osTicket core behavior there is no guarantee that it will not break the interaction with osTicky. It fully depends on the nature and functions of these plugins/mods.
  • osTicky 2.0 uses database to store attachments, the same way original osTicket 1.9 does by default. If you install a plugin that changes the way the attachments are saved (e.g. to "file system") osTicky will continue saving and trying to read attachments from db tables, which will lead to unpredictable results.
osTicket 1.9 features missing or partially implemented in osTicky:
  • Knowledge base features are not supported in osTicky. osTicky is a component centered in creating, viewing and responding to support tickets only.
  • Frontend ticket edit, i.e. ticket modification by author, implemented in osTicket 1.8 as an option, is not supported. Even if set so in osTicket configuration (this is not the default setting, though) it will have no effect in osTicky. Once the ticket is created it cannot be edited in osTicky for Joomla.
  • Ticket filters are partially implemented in osTicky. The only filter function supported is "ticket reject" based on the filters configured by osTicket administrator. There is another limitation: only filters that have "match all" property set to "No", are taken into account. If you create a multi-rule filter with "match all" set to "Yes" it will have no effect in osTicky. Keeping in mind that the only filter action implemented in osTicky is "ticket reject", and reject rules are usually configured using "OR" logic (i.e. reject ticket if any of the rules report a match), the overall filter behavior is likely to be similar to original osTicket. All other filters like automatic ticket assignment, department selection etc., based on the incoming ticket data, are not supported.
  • osTicket 1.9 organizations feature is not supported. When a user creates a ticket using an email belonging to an organization member this ticket will be listed in organization view in osTicket staff interface, but osTicky will not do any automatic department/staff assignment, also no alerts will be sent to organization account manager, even if set so in osTicket options. This feature is planned in future versions of osTicky 2.x

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