osTicky (osTicket Bridge)

osTicky (osTicket Bridge)

version 2.2 - supports osTicket 1.9.4 and later in Joomla 3.x

version 2.0.x - supports osTicket 1.8-1.9.3 in Joomla 3.x

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15.11.2014, 01:00
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osTicky 2.2 is not compatible with osTicket 1.10RC or higher versions! 

osTicky 2.2 (osTicket Bridge) is a Joomla 3.0 extension that provides Joomla fronted integration with a popular Support tickets system - osTicket v1.9.4 up to 1.9.x (http://osticket.com). It offers the same functionality as osTicket frontend (in fact it is osTicket frontend rewritten from scratch for Joomla environment) plus additional features if used in special scenarios.

osTicky requires an existing installation of osTicket support system on a live server (the server may be distinct from that of Joomla installation). The component does not create tables in Joomla database and needs at least read access to osTicket database (read-write access highly recommended).

osTicky may be used as a standalone component, but provides a lot more functions if used with the plugins included in the packadge.

The main feature of osTicky is the possibility to associate a new ticket with any html element on any page of the site the extension is insalled at (needs the osticky system plugin enabled). Information about the associated element, its position in DOM tree along with some system information will be automatically included with the message that comes with the new ticket. This type of tickets is especially useful for web designers when they have to gather feedback from clients. A client simply issues a ticket "in place" - i.e. pointing to the element he or she would like to comment or modify. osTicket staff member will get the page and location of this element already attached to the ticket and a link (in ticket alert email) to view the ticket as a sticky note, so he can start working on the suport issue without losing time in telephone calls/emails. 

For the client (author of a ticket) this mode offers another feature - see his ticket as a sticky note on the page where it was created. This note includes summary of the ticket's activity and a link to the ticket message thread.

osTicky supports two modes of user authentication (if the authentication plugin from this package is enabled): standard Joomla user accounts and osTicket-style authentication (by email and ticket number). Your site registered users can keep track of their tickets (and/or create new ones) but your guest visitors may also create tickets (if set in permissions options) and view their service requests progress online without creating Joomla account.

A search plugin included with the package adds current user's tickets and messages to your global site search.

If you do not need this extended functionality you can still use osTicky as a replacement for osTicket frontend inside your Joomla site. All tickets and replies sent from osTicky are stored in osTicket database exactly in the same form as if they were sent from native osTicket frontend. Staff members, when viewing tickets in osTicket backend will not see any difference between tickets and messages that came from osTicket own frontend and those created in osTicky component. All settings and options that affect how ticket or message are sent, permissions, file attachments, etc. are taken form osTicket configuration. If you have a working installation of osTicket system (and you definitely should have one to be able use this extension) you can start using osTicky right away: minimum configuration needed in osTicky and no additional configuration in osTicket system.

Main features summary:

  • Seamless integration of osTicket frontend functionality into Joomla site
  • Staff members working with original osTicket administration/staff backend see the tickets exactly the same way as if they were issued using native osTicket frontend - no learning needed
  • All configuration values that affect the component's behavior (creating tickets, posting messages, attaching files, etc.) are taken from original osTicket administration settings - no need to create additional configurations for osTicky
  • "Sticky-note" ticket mode. The information sent automatically with a new web-ticket may significantly decrease the time needed for a staff member to identify the issue, providing reliable "fingerprint" of the element associated with the ticket.
  • The client (ticket's sender) can review his tickets in form of a list, ticket details with message thread or as a sticky note "in-place" (on the page where the ticket was created)
  • Staff member (ticket's reciever) can view a "sticky-note" ticket on the page where it was created (following the link he recieves in "New Ticket Alert" email) 

osTicky 2.2 for Joomla 3.x is not compatible with with osTicket 1.9.3 and lower versions.

This project is discontinued. It is not compatible with osTicket 1.10.

There is no support available for osTciky for Joomla.

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