Administration (backend)

DigiShop items are associated with Joomla articles. After the component is installed and configured, and its related plugins are enabled, a new pane will appear in articles edit view: "DigiShop". Just choose "Yes" in "DigiShop Item" control, select a file, set price and currency, insert {digishop} somewhere in the article text and save. That's it!

There is no need to edit existing articles which should not be linked to DigiShop files. By default all Joomla articles are treated as "non-digishop items" so their appearance will not change after you install DigiShop application.

Site (frontend)

When the article is viewed in your site frontend {digishop} placeholder will be automatically replaced by a download link: "Free download" for items with price zero and "PayPal button" for paid items. When a user clicks a "Free download" link he will get to download confirmation screen right away with the link to requested file ready. For paid downloads users are first redirected to PayPal and if they do not cancel and the payment is successfull they return to download confirmation and will be able to download the purchased file.

When a new DigiShop download is requested a unique download key is created. This key is a sort of a "password" for the file download and can be used later and more than once (limits can be set in component configuration for both "maximum downloads per key" and "download key expiration date"). "Download key" implementation provides better user experience: when download confirmation screen opens and actual download link is displayed there is no more "last chance" feeling effect. Normally you would click the file link and save the requested file to your computer right away but even if you lose internet connection or your session expires or whatever disaster happens before you actually save the requested file, all you need to recover the file later is the "download key". It is displayed in download confirmation view and also sent to users by email when possible.

DigiShop doesn't require user login before requesting a download, both free and paid downloads are available for guests. When a file is ready for download (after the use clicks "Free Download" or completes PayPal purchase for paid files) DigiShop application also sends an email to the user if his email is known at that moment, i.e. for all paid downloads (email is an obligatory field on PayPal payment form) and for those free downloads requested by registered and logged in users (using email address from their Joomla user account). Guests requesting free files will not receive any email notification, however they can take note of download key from confirmation view.

With a valid download key users can download their files using any computer connected to the internet.