DigiShop component administration includes simple tools for tracking downloads and purchases. These tools are mostly informative, you cannot edit download records. The only action available is to delete a download record, it was designed mostly to simplify project development and testing - you can easily remove test downloads in order to keep your downloads log, reports and statictics clean.

Downloads View

Downloads view displays full list of DigiShop downloads. All free downloads and purchases your clients order on your site are listed here. You can use filters to search for a specific download or select download records by user, date range, etc. When a download is requested a unique download key is created, your site users can use this key to recover purchased file at a later time. If they encounter issues they will probably contact you providing this key. You can easily find a download record by key prepending search term by "key:" prefix. "key:" prefix will also find a download by PayPal transaction ID.

You can see the set of list filters on the screenshot below.

download filters

Next screenshot shows an extract of download view from this site.

downloads list

Some data is obscured because it contains personal and transaction details.

Reports View

Reports view gives you a brief resume on DigiShop downloads activity during specific period. By default the report is generated for the whole download history but you can view reports for today, last week, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months and finally all downloads older that past 6 months. Use date filter at the top of reports page to limit report period.

Report view consists of three sections.



View total download (free and paid) and incomes for paid downloads in each currency used for payments. If you sold items in more than one currency during the report period, each currency will appear as a row in the table above.

Popular Items 

popular items

View most popular DigiShop articles during the report period. This report is based on download requests count, both free and paid are included. The income for paid downloads is provided for reference only. Article category is also displayed along with the article title.

Year Chart

The last section in reports view is a simple chart showing DigiShop activity during last year. Report period filter will have no effect on this section.

year chart 

Note that there is no activity before JUL 2015 because this version of DigiShop was not yet created. If you sold items in more than one currency you will not see "total" values unless you apply currency filter (not shown on the screenshot).