DigiShop application allows users to download requested files more than once (downloads count and expiration date limits may apply). The easiest way to recover a download is clicking on download link in confirmation email. However if a user haven't received this email or has deleted it she can still get the file providing download key.

A special view was created for this purpose. You can test it right now:

  1. request a free download here (click "Free Download")
  2. take note (copy to clipboard) of the download key
  3. open this page
  4. paste download key and click "Submit"

You will be redirected to download confirmation page with a link to save the file.

"Recover Download by Key" view is optional. In most cases you site visitors will be able to get requested files at the moment of purchase or free download or later using download confiramtion email. Anyway a site administrator can add a Joomla menu item for "Recover Download by Key" view. In new menu click "Select" in "Menu Item Type" option and choose "Digishop / Recover a download".

recover download menu