DigiShop K2 plugin allows you to setup K2 items as DigiShop items, the same way core DigiShop application supports Joomla articles. When K2 plugin for DigiShop is installed and enabled a new set of options is displayed on K2 item edit form.


These options are similar to those displayed in DigiShop pane on Joomla article edit form. The difference in setting up an article and K2 item as a DigiShop item is that in K2 item you don't need to insert {digishop} shortcut in item text - K2 will position download / purchase link using its own settings, most likely at the end of the item's text just before the comments block.

It is also possible to have both Joomla articles and K2 items associated with DigiShop on the same site.

K2 plugin for DigiShop is available for free, but it will work only if the main DigiShop package is installed and configured.