Q. Is a trial version of DigiShop available?
A. A lite version is available for free. This version doesn't include PayPal payment gateway, so that all DigiShop items created with lite version should be "free downloads". However it is recommended to install this free lite version before purchasing the full one, upgrade to full version is very easy (just install it without uninstalling lite version) and will not erase existing component settings. Free version allows you to test the component setup, downloads and reports views in component backend and also try K2 plugin if you are using K2 on your site.

Q. I have installed DigiShop package and enabled both system and content DigiShop plugins, but when I open a Joomla article in edit mode, “DigiShop” pane is not displayed in the article edit form.
A. Open options in DigiShop component view in Joomla administration and check “Download folder” setting. If this setting is empty or points to invalid path (non-existing or not a folder), DigiShop plugin responsible for injecting “DigiShop” pane into article edit view is implicitly disabled. Please, read “Prepare download folder” section in Installation and Configuration article and follow the steps described there.

Q. I have configured a Joomla article as a DigiShop item. DigiShop pane shows correct and valid settings, but download link doesn’t appear when I view the article in frontend.
A. Please, make sure you haven’t forgot to insert {digishop} placeholder (shortcut) somewhere in article text - it will be replaced by download / purchase link when the article is rendered in frontend.