I have installed Smart Countdown 3 package and "Smart Countdown 3" appears in component menu in Joomla administration, why?

Smart Countdown 3 implements a new architecture and requires a component to process AJAX requests. Smart Countdown 3 component acts behind the scenes in Joomla front-end but provides its own view in administration interface - all Smart Countdown 3 modules are listed there with some basic information and quick access to module configuration and live preview.

I have published Smart Countdown 3 module but when I open my site only a "loading" spinner momentary appears but the module is not displayed.

Check module settings. If you are using Smart Countdown 3 as a stand-alone application make sure that "Module Display" option selected is compatible with event date and time (e.g. if "Show countdown only" is selected but event date is in past, the module will be automatically hidden). If the module is connected to an external calendar via event import plugins check that there are current or future events in this calendar.

I have purchased and installed an animation profile for Smart Countdown 3. When I try to create Smart Countdown 3 module its options page is empty. What is wrong?

Animation profiles are add-ons for Smart Countdown. Please, dowload and install the main module. It is available for free.

I have Smart Countdown 2.5 running on my site. When I installed Smart Countdown 3 it didn't update existing module but appeared as a new application. Is this OK?

Yes, this is absolutely correct. Smart Countdown 3 uses a different set of options and existing 2.5 settings cannot be automatically imported. Just start playing with the new version and once you are ready you can unpublish old Smart Countdown 2.5 modules or uninstall the old version.

I have Smart Countdown 2.5 with JEvents (Google Calendar, Ohanah) Bridge plugin running on my site. Are similar plugins available for Smart Countdown 3?

Currently available plugins are listed here. More plugins will be available soon.

I have purchased and installed "Apple-style folding" animation profile for Smart Countdown 3 but it doesn't display well on site.

This is a known issue in some templates. The digits display is broken, seems like the upper and lower parts of each digit are out of sync, showing fragments of different numbers. This issue is caused by a CSS rule that some templates apply by default: img {height:auto!important}. Usually there is a setting somewhere in template configuration - it should sound like "Images auto-height" or something of the kind. This option MUST be switched off, otherwise apple-style and some other image-based animations will not behave as expected.

There is no workaround for this problem in the module code scope. "!important" modifier can be overridden but cannot be disabled (and these animations depend on dynamically changing image height).

I have updated JEvents and event titles have dissappeard from Smart Countdown 3 modules running with JEvents Bridge plugin.

JEvents developers have introduced some changes to their component in version 3.4.30. JEvents Bridge plugin for Smart Countodown 3 is already fixed to support this change. You do not have to purchase it again, just open a support ticket and we will send you updated version for free.