Animation profiles for Smart Countdown 3 are distributed as Joomla packages which can be installed via Extensions manager, the same way as other Joomla extensions. Although looking as stand-alone modules animation profiles require the main module in order to run, please download it and configure it before you install additional animations.

After you install a new animation profile it will automatically appear in "Digits Animation" drop-down list in "Layout" pane of Smart Countdown 3 module configuration. Choose the recently installed profile and save module settings. You can change module animation any time selecting another built-in or previousely installed animation.

The ease of animation profiles installations has a drawback. Due to Joomla installation files manifest standards all installable packages must contain "version" node. Animation profiles are all "version 3.0". If a newer version of Smart Countdown 3 is available (3.2 at the time of this writing) an "update available" notice will appear in your Joomla control panel after you install an additional animation profile. It is safe to update the module to the latest available version.