Smart Countdown 3 module supports event import plugins. These plugins connect the module to popular event management components and services thus making site administrator's life much easier - she doesn't have to manually update event deadlines in module configuration each time a current event is in past. Event import plugins pull events from external applications to a sort of events queue (timeline) and switch module counter to the next event automatically.

However there are cases when a simple event recurrence can completely describe the desired bahavior of your countdown. Of course it is possible to implement a recurrence using an external application, e.g. JEvents and then connect it to the module via JEvents Bridge for Smart Countdown 3 plugin, but this method requires unnescesary effort - extra component installation and configuration, etc.

Recurring Events for Smart Countdown 3 plugin was designed for these cases. It doesn't depend on external applications and requires minimum configuration.

Recurring Events for Smart Countdown 3 plugin is not compatible with Smart Countdown 2.5

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As all other event import plugins it adds a new pane to Smart Countdown 3 module configuration view (see screenshot).

recurring3 patterns

"Enabled Pattern(s)" setting allows you to disable the plugin ("None"), use one of the patterns or merge both patterns into a single timeline.

The screenshots below show configuration used in the sample above: merging patterns is especially useful for weekly events when workdays and weekends events have different start times/durations.

recurring3 1 

Weekends recurrence pattern.

recurring3 2 

Another sample - countdown to 12:00 (CET) last Sunday of each month:


Seven recurrence types are implemented:

Event title (optional) - will be displayed along with the event text configured in "text" fields on module "Basic Settings" pane. You can choose whether to prepend or append the title to the generic text from basic settings. If "Show Title" is set to "No", only generic text will be displayed.

Event duration - all events for the given pattern will have the same duration. In counter "Auto" mode a count up from event start will be displayed during an event. Non-zero event duration is required for "Countdown to event end **" mode.

Custom dates sample

Custom dates recurrence type may be useful for quasi-recurring events, i.e. when events are in approximate intervals from each other but we can know exact events dates and times beforhand. A tipical case is illustrated in the sample below - Easter Sunday countdown. Just find Easter calendar on the internet and enter dates for the next several years into custom dates list and you are done.

Custom dates feature requires plugin update for compatibility with Joomla 3.8.x. Please, open a ticket if you purchased this plugin before SEP 1 2018 and we will send you updated version.

Installation and Configuration

Recurring Events plugin installation procedure is the same as for all other Joomla extensions - normally you will install it using "Extension manager". The plugin must be enabled after installation. Plugin itself doesn't require configuration, like all other event import plugins for Smart Countdown, it adds a new pane to Smart Countdown settings view - "Recurring Events". All options are then configured using controls on this pane. If you have more that one instance of Smart Countdown module, each instance can have individual import settings and/or enable/disable recurring events which will not affect other Smart Countdown instances.

New in version 1.5

Version 1.5 extends "Hourly" recurrence pattern with hour fraction options: 1/2 hour, 20 minutes, 1/4 hour. In the sample below 25-minutes sessions start every half an hour. If you purchased an earlier version of this plugin and are interested in hour fraction intervals, please, open a ticket and we will send you updated version.