Starting from version 2.2.7 Smart Countdown implements a new feature: an option to calculate event time relative to the moment the module is first displayed during current session. If the module is displayed on all pages of your site, the effect will be equal to "session start".

There are two modes for calculating event time if this option is active:

Count up from session start - normally used for decoration / information purposes, so that user can keep track of the time he spends on your site

This new setting appears on the main module properties pane.

relative to session

Please, keep in mind that if any of "Relative to session" event options is active, they rest of event-related time settings will be ignored.

By default it will offer two options only: "No" and "Count up from session start". In order to support other options ("countdown...", see below) a special companion plugin is required. See Session companion plugin for details and for download link.

Countdown to session start plus the time period chosen from the option dropdown. This mode can have more practical application. If a time-critical functionality is implemented on your site, e.g. "confirm order", "proceed to payment", etc., this countdown mode can help your visitors to keep track of the time left for making their decision. Automatic redirect on conntdown zero can also help you to provide a "reset" feature: if you are a developer you can implement a special controller task that resets shopping cart, session data and/or performs other actions that would actually cancel the time-critical process when the allowed time is over. This controller task can then redirect the user to the home page with an appropriate message.

Countdown from 5 minutes to zero (sample). This module will start counting when you first see it on the page during current session. Automatic redirect on countdown zero is set for the module.

The sample above will redirect you to home page on countdown zero (this is a sample only, no data will be modified). When you return to this article you will see the counter starting over from 5 minutes down - the limit is reset on redirect by the companion session plugin