Smart Countdown v2.5 is based on version 2.4.x and adds new features.

  • compatibility with more event import plugins
  • "countdown to event end time" mode
  • recurring events companion plugin

Download module

Smart Countdown 2.5 adds a new option to "Show Module" drop-down in module's basic settings pane: "Countdown to event end **". As mentioned in the tooltip popup on the screenshot below, this option will have effect only if a compatible event import plugin is enabled and configured. See "Recurring Events" plugin.

countdown to end

"Countdown to event end" mode works the same way as "Auto" or "Countdown only" when event is in future, but during the event it displays another countdown - this time to the event's end time. Although a countdown is displayed during the event, event text for count up mode will be used, so you have to configure the text displayed during events in "Text for count up mode" field. You can use this field safely because in if "Countdown to event end **" is selected as "Show module" option, a real count up will never be displayed.