Starting from version 2.2.7 Smart Countdown implements a new feature: an option to calculate event time relative to the moment the module is first displayed during current session. If the module is displayed on all pages of your site, the effect will be equal to "session start". See Setting the counter relative to session start for details.

A special plugin is required to fully support this feature. It is responsible for counter re-init (optional) and displaying a system message (optional) if "redirect on countdown zero" option is checked. If this plugin is not installed or enabled, only "No" and "Count up from session start" options will be available from "Relative to session" dropdown in the module settings. With plugin enabled "Relative to session" will offer countdown options also: Countdown from 5 minutes to zero (5 minutes limit), 10 minutes limits, etc.

Plugin has the following options


Reset Deadline: reinitialize the counter to its initial value after auto-redirect on countdown zero

Show Message:

Custom Message: custom message text

Please, note that these settings have global scope, i.e. will be applied for all module instances that count to "Relative to session" events.

Download Session companion plugin: Free Download