Frontend (site)

Smart Subscriptions component adds subscriptions selection control to Joomla registration and profile forms and doesn't require it own component view in Joomla frontend. The best way to view component demo is to open your profile in edit mode (if you already have an account) or sign up for a new Joomla account. All payment plugins are running in test ("sandbox") mode, feel free to "purchase" and "upgrade" your subscriptions. After your subscription is confirmed, go to Demo Articles to check your current view permissions.

Backend (administration)

Smart Subscriptions administration interface follows standard Joomla design guidelines for content management. The are two views in component administration:

  • Accounts - create, modify and delete subscription accounts
  • Subscriptions and payments - view, change state, modify and delete current users' subscriptions and review and approve payments

Due to the fact that "Subscriptions and payments" view reveals real users' names and emails, a demo access to component backend is not allowed. Screenshots below will help you make an idea of the component administration look and feel.

Accounts List



Account Params Popup

accounts params popup

Account Item
Account Options

account params

Subscriptions and Payments List


Payments Pending

payments pending

Filter Payment by User

filter user

Payment Item


Global Options


global basic

Upgrade Rules

global upgrade rules


global images