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Smart Subscription supports account upgrades and renewals discounts and options. Although new registrations with sign up to a subscription and later subscription renewal will be the most used scenario, your clients may wish to change subscription accounts before their current subscriptions expire. All subscription changes that are not new registrations are considered as:

  • “upgrade” - user switches to a more expensive account
  • “downgrade” - user switches to a cheaper account
  • “renewal” - user purchases the same subscription for a new period (for subscriptions that expire)

Smart Subscriptions supports global component options that can be overrided on per-account basis:

  • “Discount on upgrade” - the price proportional to the time left till current account expires can be totally or partially discounted from the amount the user has to pay for his new subscription.
  • “Discount on downgrade” - apply the same rules defined in 1) for account downgrades also. Individual rules for downgrades are not supported, so that if you select “No” as an option, no discounts will be applied to a downgrade.
  • “Discount on renewal” - if the user purchases the same subscription for a new period, a discount can be applied. Subscription renewal becomes available when the current active account is about to expire. See “Account Expiration Alerts settings” in global configuration.
  • “Lock expiration date” - only for accounts that expire, default setting is "Off". If you select "On" (globally or for the given account only), the new subscription expiration time setting will be ignored for all upgrades and downgrades from this account. The new subscription will expire on the same date as the previous account would. The price of the new subscription is automatically recalculated proportionally to its actual duration (from now to the fixed expiration date).