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Basic Settings

Smart Subscriptions basic settings pane allows site administrator to configure available currencies and account expiration alerts.

A set of currency code is hardcoded in the component. Normally your installation will not require all available currencies, so that you can limit currencies that can be used in subscription prices to those you are going to support. Select one or more currencies from the list. If you leave the currencies list empty all of them will be available.

Account expiration alerts configuration defines when users will be notified about their soon subscription expiration and also the moment after which users can renew their subscriptions. Due to the fact that accounts can have different expiration periods "alert before expiration" is expressed in percentage of the current subscription valid period. Also because accounts expiration periods may vary from few hours to several years, a simple percentage setting is not sufficient: for short-time subscriptions alerts may be displayed too late and for the long-time ones they may annoy users if displayed too early.

The next two settings help to solve this problem: "Minimum alert time" defines time left before subscription expiration when the alert will be shown. If the total subscription duration is less than the value selected, account expiration alert will be displayed on each login; "Maximum alert time" solves the other side of the same problem - for long-term subscriptions it will prevent alert display before the moment when the time selected is left till subscription end.

Account renewal is another feature that depends on account expiration alerts configuration. If a user opens "edit profile" form when his subscription is about to expire he will be able to renew his account. The new valid period will start from the date the current subscription ends, so that the user doesn't lose any unsued time of his currently purchased subscription. Special discounts may also be applied on subscription renewal. Subscription renewal will not be available before expiration alert is first displayed.

Account Upgrade Rules

Account upgrade rules pane controls define the default behavior of Smart Subscription accounts on upgrade / downgrade / renewal. All settings except "Easy accounts switch" can be redefined (overrided) on per-account basis. See Smart Subscription Account Upgrades for details.

"Easy accounts switch" is a global component settings. Its default value is "No" and it will serve for the vast majority of usage scenarios. It means that if a user changes his subscription, his original subscription is put in "archived" state and the user will have to pay again to return to his previous subscription even if it didn't expire yet. Although, if the memberships logic of your site requires that your clients can have more than one active subscription at the same time, you should enable easy accounts switch. Users with more than one active subscription will not have access all resources associated with all their subscriptions at once but will be able to switch between active subscriptions free of charge and at any time.


Images pane allow site administrator to setup the images that will be attached to email notification in Smart Subscriptions.