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Smart Subscriptions component follows standard Joomla philosophy of view level management and control, that is why accounts configuration should not be a problem for an experienced Joomla administrator. But even if you are not an expert in Joomla ACL you can follow these guidlines to setup Smart Subscriptions accounts.

  1. Create a parent user group for all Smart Subscriptions accounts user groups, call it e.g. "Smart Subscriptions Parent". This user group should inherit from "Registered", so that "Site Login" permission is already set for all groups that will have our new user group as a direct or indirect parent.
  2. Create usergroups for each Smart Subscriptions account type. If you have more than one account of the same type configured (i.e. same type accounts, but with different expiration time and price), they will normally be linked to the same user group. Depending on the logic of the membership implemented on your site you will have to follow one of the patterns (actually, you can mix them, if need be):
    • Make each account-specific user group a direct descendant of "Smart Subscriptions Parent". This model implements individual permissions for each group.
    • Start with the user-group with minimum permissions and make it a descendant of "Smart Subscriptions Parent" group. Then go on adding more groups, each time making them descendants of the recently created group, so that each group created will inherit all permissions of all its parents in the groups tree up to "Smart Subscriptions Parent". This model implements growing permissions for each level depth. Normally, the most expensive subscription will be the deepest in tree structure and will implicilty have permissions of all other groups.
  3. Add a view level for each user group created in step 2. Associate each view level with its related group only.
  4. Now you can start adding or configuring existing Joomla items (categories, articles, menu items, etc.) using one of the view levels created in step 3.

Joomla access control model is flexible and powerful but not so easy to understand. You may need to go "trial and error" way at first, also refer to Joomla ACL documentation.