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Starting from version 1.2.2 Smart Subscriptions component is compatible with Joomla sites that use 3-d party registration and profile managers, e.g. "Community Builder". Smart Subscriptions is integrated into Joomla user registration and profile management, so that if another application completely replaces core Joomla registration and profile views and bypasses core users controllers, new user registrations go outside the scope of Smart Subscriptions.

This problem is partially solved in Smart Subscriptions versions 1.2.2 and later. Smart Subscriptions user plugin implements new settings: "Automatic free subscription" and "Hide profile fields". If "Automatic free subscription" is ON and there is a free Smart Subscriptions account configured, all newly registered users become a free subscription owners automatically after first login. Later they can upgrade to paid accounts, renew their subscriptions, etc.

Version 1.2.3 adds support for K2 system and user plugins. These plugins alter user registration and edit profile forms, Smart Subscriptions versions prior to 1.2.3 were not aware of these changes. The latest version should work flawlessly with K2 application on your site.

This solution was tested with Community Builder for Joomla 3 which is used as an example in the instructions below.

Following steps are required to setup Smart Subscriptions with Community Builder:

  1. Make sure that you have configured a free account in Smart Subscriptions. By default one is added on the component installation. If no free account exists the steps below will not work at all. Note that you can unpublish the "free" account in Smart Subscriptions, so the users will have to purchase a subscription in order to save their profile when the go to menu item created in step 4.
  2. Open Smart Subscriptions User plugin in Joomla plugin manager, change settings as shown on the screenshot below and save.
    user plugin
    "Automatic free subscription" is required. "Hide profile fields" is recommended in order to avoid user confusion: all profile settings except current subscription (name, preferred language, timezone, etc.) will become available in Community Builder native view.
  3. Open Community Builder System plugin in Joomla plugin manager. Check its settings.
    cb plugin
    The screenshot above shows default settings and they will work just fine. If you need to change them, please, make sure that "Rewrite URLs" is disabled. Other settings should not affect Smart Subscriptions.
  4. Create a menu item in Joomla menu manager. This menu will open user profile in edit mode. If "Hide profile fields" is set to "Yes" in step 2 (recommended), only subscription selection control will be displayed on screen.
    edit profile menu type
    edit profile menu

Now your site registration will be handled by Community Builder as normally. On their first successfull login new users will be granted a free Smart Subscriptions account automatically. Later when they follow the menu link created in step 4 they will be able to upgrade and renew their subscriptions. The rest of profile settings (timezone, language, etc.) will be available in native Community Builder edit profile view as usual.