Stripe Payment plugin adds Stripe payments support to Smart Subscriptions. Only credit and debit cards payments are implemented.

You can try Stripe payment method on this site - you can purchase any subscription if you create an account or edit your profile and choose a paid account. Stripe is running in test mode on this site, do not provide your personal credit card data, use test cards instead.

If you decide to implement Stripe payments on your site you will have to create Stripe account. Then open plugin settings and set API keys. Use your test API keys for test mode and live keys for live mode. Please note that you can test Stripe payments via http but your server must implement SSL prior to go live.

You have to update Smart Subscriptions component to version 1.3.3 or later before using Stripe payments. Check your site Joomla updates to get the latest version.

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure


Plugin configuration is quite straightforward. You have to fill API keys with data from your Stripe account dashboard (API section). It is recommended to start in test mode. Later you can switch to live mode - just replace API keys in plugin settings with your Stripe account live keys.

Stripe doesn't provide a page with card details form (unlike some other payment services, e.g. PayPal) but requires that client application displays a form where buyers can enter their card number, valid until and CVC. Smart Subscriptions implements such a view strictly following Stripe recommendations. Card data a buyer enters is not stored in application database or session, it is sent directly to Stripe and exchanged for single-use source (token).

Smart Subscriptions displays card form in a dedicated view, but due to the fact that this component doesn't use menu items your site navigation will look strange while payment form is displayed: "home" menu item will show up as active and your template will look as if landed on the home page. To avoid confusion Strpie payment form is displayed as a full page overlay, so that other page elements are hidden. After you confirm card data or cancel payment Smart Subscriptions redirects to the right page depending on the action thus returning to normal component flow.

However there is an option to show payment form in content area of your template. Use it if full page overlay is not working in your template. You will find this setting in "Payment form layout" pane.